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The CMX CMXBug debugger provides the user the ability to view and modify different aspects of the CMX multi-tasking operating system environment, while the user's application code is running. CMXBug runs as a task, usually being the highest priority task. In most cases, one of the target processor UART channel(s) is used as the input/output device. A simple terminal or CPU with a keyboard is all that is needed to use CMXBug.

When the user enables the CMXBug task, it allows the user to view and possibly change many aspects of the CMX OS environment. When the CMXBug task is running, it prohibits other tasks from running and also freezes the task timers and cyclic timers, so as the user will get an accurate picture of the "current state" of the CMX OS environment.

CMXBug allows the user to "single step" one system TICK, thus allowing normal activity to occur for one system TICK, with CMXBug resuming after this "single step". Also the user can set the number of system TICKS that CMXBug will wait, allowing normal activity, before it again resumes. This is a very powerful and helpful feature.

CMXBug allows the user access to most of the CMX OS features, such as: Tasks, Cyclic timers, Resources, Mailboxes, Queues, Stacks, the system TICK and TIMESLICE scales, etc. For example, you may view a task, which shows its current state (ready, waiting on what, the time remaining, etc.), its current priority, its starting address, the events associated with the task, the task's stack address and maximum usage, etc. Also you may start a task, wake a task that was waiting on some entity, stop a task, etc.

CMXBug also allows the user information pertaining to each task percentage of RUNNING time, to the total. This enables the user to obtain an accurate picture of each task, in relation to all tasks. It also shows the amount of time, that the processor is "IDLE" with no task running. This allows the user a very powerful insight as to how the processor time is being spent.

CMXBug is now available for FREE, with the CMX CMX-RTX package, for most processors/vendors that CMX supports. All target source code is included.

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Click to see a screen shot of CMXBug for Windows

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